Mostly Juicing: No early morning wakeup from my autoimmune disease

I’m typically awakened in the early morning for the past few years by intense itching. Well, guess what? I did not experience that at all. How awesome is that? Yes, it’s something straightforward; however, if early morning wakeups are part of your daily life, you truly appreciate when this does not happen. I’m still mainly juicing and adding one daily meal to my daily routine. I most likely will swap over to 100% juice at some point.

Today, I had my watermelon juice combo and drank the remaining cabbage juices, 16 ounces. Well, all the liquids I consume are in 16-ounce glass bottles. I didn’t juice today; there was no need since I made plenty of juices yesterday. However, we went to the store today, and I purchased grapefruit, celery, and carrots. I’ll be juicing tomorrow.

My one meal of the day was a lentil soup I made yesterday and red and sweet potato chips.

I chopped the potatoes into thin slices, patted them dry, and placed them in a large stainless steel bowl. I then added spices: garlic powder, cumin, Italian seasoning, and Redmond Salt. I mixed the spices well and ensured all the chips were coated. I then spread the chips on a tray placed in a preheated 425F oven and baked for 25 minutes. Results? The chips were crisp and delicious, and what’s better, they were not fried!

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